Asquith Realty Group Review: How to Find a Good Neighborhood?

You need to put some effort in finding the neighborhood that best matches your interests. Asquith Rise understands your needs so they prepared some simple guidelines to help you decide which community to choose.

House or neighborhood

The 1st on the list is determining which is more important between the two. Some people believe that the home itself is more important than the neighborhood, while others deemed that neighborhood is more significant than the physical home. You need to compromise on the house and the neighborhood if you’re following a strict budget.

Family needs

Ask your family members if they want to live in an urban or rural area before you begin your search. You should consider their needs or interests first and identify what kind of amenities they wish to see in a neighborhood.


Perhaps you might not consider this as important as others if you’re currently living alone and had a stable job, but having your place close to schools is also recommended. You’re going to have a family of your own sooner or later. Keep in mind that residences close to good school districts hold more value than those in less highly regarded districts.


Transportation will always be an issue. Find out if the place of your interest has a good transportation to important places and establishments, especially when you’re going to work or school. If you’re going to live in a neighborhood that’s near or within a city, important locations are usually close to public transit options.

Get help from an agent

If you’re not confident enough to do things alone, you can always ask the help of a professional real estate agent. You can ask for his or her help in finding places close to subway stations or to popular commuter routes that have a more affordable price.

Final evaluation

Comparing different neighborhoods should be done properly. You must perform a careful evaluation on each and to experience living in a certain community Asquith realty group suggests that you visit the place on both weekdays and weekends, especially on the time when you’re going to work or school.

Asquith Rise, as a multi-residential development company in Sydney’s Upper North Shore, encourages individuals to do a detailed research with some legwork on your preferred neighborhoods first before landing to your chosen community.


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